Progress is being made on my Imogen sweater. Since it is hand-painted yarn, I’ve been alternating rows between the three pull balls of yarn. It makes the color more evenly dispersed, but it’s a pain to untangle the yarn after knitting a few rows.

I had hoped to have it finished by now, but my spinning wheel has been calling my name. I’ve started spinning some of the fiber that I dyed and carded at Yarn School. I had never used a drum carder before Yarn School and got totally hooked on them. Some of the fiber I had dyed in the lab, ended up felting in the washing process and I thought it was ruined. Someone suggested that I card it, and low and behold, out came this beautiful, fluffy fiber!! After that, I started carding several of my other rovings — ones that I had been more experimental with the color on — and ended up saving several of them. Yes, a drum carder is now on my “must have” list.



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2 responses to “Imogen

  1. The nice lady at my knitting store suggested that instead of switching after each row, switch after two rows, so that you are back on the same side of the knitting. Of course, we were talking about two balls of yarn, not three, so you may not want to carry the other two yarns that far up the side.


  2. color&texture

    That’s a great suggestion and would be wonderful for two balls of yarn. Adding the third ball sort of puts a wrench in it all! Luckily, I’m about two thirds of the way done.

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