Harveyville Spinsters’ Club

Sunday I headed west to Harveyville for a day of spinning and fiber with Nikol, Jennifer S., Jennifer M. and Nikol’s friend Marilyn.

It was so beautiful out that we set up our wheels outside to enjoy the unusually warm (though windy) November day and spun to our hearts delight. Nikol made a killer apple pie, scones and had plenty of coffee to keep us all going.

She also assembled and spun on her new double treadle Fricke — with a Woolee Winder (I have such Woolee Winder envy)!!! What a little dream of a wheel that Fricke is (and SO affordable)! Jennifer S. gave me some truly helpful advice on my plying and Nikol adjusted the height of my Lendrum and voila! my plying was so much easier.

I had several (okay, LOTS) of singles that needed to be plied, so I’ve been on a rampage since Sunday. I have become addicted to spinning!!


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