Long time, no blog — e-gad, it’s been so busy at our household! But, I have been knitting! Cold nights and early sunsets put me in the mood to curl up and knit.

I been knitting from Nancy Bush’s “Folk Knitting in Estonia” and have finished one mitten and am now trying to (match) and finish the second. I love the way this style of mitten calls for you to knit with a piece of salvage yarn where the thumb is going to be.  When it’s time to knit the thumb, the salvage yarn is removed, the live stitches are put on needles and knit.  I’m going to wait and do both thumbs at the same time (so there will hopefully be a bit on continuity).  I’m using Dalegarn Baby Ull yarn, that is 100% wool AND machine washable (that I bought at my friend Ana’s yard sale) with US1 needles, and have changed things up a bit to make them more colorful. I’ve had such fun knitting these that there will probably be a few more in my future!



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2 responses to “Mittens

  1. milmom

    That looks really complicated. I don’t know if I would have the patience (and attention) to do something that complicated.

  2. ana

    These turned out so beautifully! I can’t wait to see mitten #2!

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