Imogen is done!

Finally, I’ve finished my Imogen sweater!!

I had eleven days of vacation from Christmas to New Year’s Day and it was wonderful!! I cleaned (but not enough), spun, knit and had a relaxed and productive holiday. The only bug in the plan though, was that my computer became quite ill and quit working on Christmas Eve — being the cyber-o-sphere addict that I am, I went through a bit of mourning — and has just now been repaired. That said, I had lots of time to knit.

On the whole, I quite pleased with my Imogen sweater. After I wet blocked it, the sleeves stretched out a little longer, so I’ll probably go back and correct that. I made the hem of the body shorter than the pattern called for so it would have a sportier feel to it and the large size ended up using all the yarn with none to spare. There are no buttons, so it can be worn open for a casual look or can be closed with and pin for a more fitted look. It’s a very warm sweater which will be perfect for these cold January days.

Thanks Nikol for being my fashion photographer!!



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2 responses to “Imogen is done!

  1. c o l o r & t e x t u r e

    Thank you Ana!

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