January Harveyville Spinsters’

Sunday I made the 225 mile round trip from KC to Harveyville, KS for the Spinsters’ get-together– there were fifteen of us this time and plenty of coffee and food!

Nikol’s very cool vintage coffee sign (that I kept knocking over).

Nikol invited us to each bring 4 oz. of fiber with us and we divided it up into fifteen little stashes.

Dividing up all the fiber.

This is my little stash B.C. (before carding).

Off to the drumcards for each of us to make the coolest batts!

And this is my stash after carding!

Three cheers for Nikol and such a brilliant idea!!

Laura showed some of us how to there roll the batt lengthwise and then gently pull on in until an amazing roving was made. There were several spinning newbies (newer than me) that were trying their hand at spinning for the first time — they all seemed to catch on to the drop spindles and wheels very quickly. I love the conversations and mix of ideas at these gathers which runs the range from the state of education in our society to the beauty of chickens.



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2 responses to “January Harveyville Spinsters’

  1. ana

    Will you bring your stash of cool fiber to knitty next week? I’d love to see it!

  2. c o l o r & t e x t u r e


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