I hate pictures

The count down is on till Yarn School begins!! Yipee! I’m attending as a helper this time, so I’ll be heading out early to help Nikol & Co. get set-up. Nikol is going to have a write up and picture of all attendees this spring including Ravelry names, blogs and a bit of back ground. I think this is great because I’m horrible about keeping peoples names and faces straight in my own mind (I think my brain is shrinking). Only problem is, I hate pictures of myself!!! I’m at the point in life where I’ll have a picture taken and I’ll absolutely hate it, be tempted to burn it, and hide it away in a box under the bed, then, say three or four years later I’ll find it again and think to myself, wow, that picture wasn’t so bad after all. Argh!  So, it’s down hill from here my friend.   It was a toss up between one of my baby pictures and a picture I modeled for YEARS ago (a Hallmark mystery puzzle — HA! like I’m a model — employees make cheap models). The puzzle pic won, so here you go . . .

Hmm, I do think the hat is pretty stylish though . . .


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