Flip, Skip, Tip & Scooter

I was finally able to get one of the retail Christmas booklets for the 2007 Christmas season that had the set of ornaments I designed.

There were five in all — little penguins named Flip, Skip, Tip, Scooter and then the four stacked on top of each other — plus a count down to Christmas Day calendar. I was surprised and pleased that Flip made the cover of the booklet. Since I usually only work in 2-D, is was a fun challenge to have to think and draw “in the round”. I had to mentally visualize and then draw the front, left side, right side, back and top version of what I thought each ornament would look like — a bit of a mind stretching exercise.

To then see the interpretation from 2-D to 3-D, and how well every nuance made it into the final pieces was very gratifying.  Plus, what a great group of people are in the sculpting studio — full of knowledge and encouragement.



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2 responses to “Flip, Skip, Tip & Scooter

  1. How cool and cute! I must have some. How many people know the designers of their Christmas ornaments? That would make me very special! (..and, okay, you’re not bad either.)

    ps. LOVE the sheep!

  2. c o l o r & t e x t u r e

    You are soooooooo kind! My new banner (which takes way too long to download!?!?!) is a comp of pictures I took at Tina’s.

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