In August, we took a little road trip and escaped the midwest humidity by going to Colorado. The mountains are always so beautiful and peaceful and even a few days there make me relaxed.

We stayed with friends and the above picture was taken from their deck — can you imagine waking up to this view every morning?! We hiked, went to a Farmer’s Market, had good food and lots of laughter. Frank loaded his bike on the back of the car so he could ride and each morning he would get up early and take a spin through the mountains. Hmmm, I slept in . . .

On the way home, we stopped in Victoria, Kansas, the town that my husband grew up in. Victoria was founded by German-Russian imigrants that farmed the land. These were people of hardy stock, that struggled through the harsh elements that western Kansas had to offer and made a life for themselves and their children.

There’s a beautiful memorial dedicated to these brave souls that sits adjacent to the Catholic church in town. The statues are still rough cut, but their design is stunning — I was surprised and pleased to find these gems in this small burg.

The church looks as though it was dropped in place from Europe — it’s beautiful. It was built as a labor of love by the townspeople and took them 8 years to complete. It’s amazing to think that no big machinery was used in its’ construction — the stones were cut by drilling holes in the stones, pouring water in these wholes and letting the water freeze and split the stones. If you’re driving west on I-70, you can see Victoria just to the south and it’s worth the stop to see the church. Frank was an alter boy here when he was a wee lad.

Our last stop in town was to see the house Frank grew up in. It’s hard to believe that two adults and ten children lived in this small house.



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4 responses to “Colorado

  1. Wow, I’m knocked over! Ran across your Ravelry profile (from some group or other) and checked this out–I am amazed that you know the German-Russians. I spent much time in North Dakota and eventually wrote a novel about the G-Rs, and not far from where I lived, a “chapel” that’s close to a dead ringer for yours rises from the earth. Except that this one has paintings all over the ceiling and much more ornate decor. Seriously awesome!

  2. Marilyn

    Wow, those pictures are beautiful. If I am ever that way I will have to stop, I love old catholic churchs.

  3. It also looks hard to believe that house is still standing! 🙂 Gorgeous pictures!

  4. c o l o r & t e x t u r e

    Our living room is about as big as the entire house! It’s hard to imagine all those children running in and out. Frank said their were stairs (probably so steep that they were more like a ladder) to a loft were the kids slept. Anna, the history of it all is so interesting!

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