The Big Reveal

Nikol and I’ve been working on a dye project and we had our unveiling at Yarn School. We’re created a resource for dyers that use Jacquard Dyes so that they can have a quick reference as to what each color actually looks like. The names of the colors are not always descriptive of the hue, looking at color swatches on a computer screen doesn’t give a true indication and the printed reference that Jacquards has, is just that, printed, ink on paper. We’ve created the Acid Dye Quick Reference with each Jacquard’s 40 colors, kettle dyed with wool at a 1% solution, so as you’re picking out the color palette for your yarn or fiber you’ll be able to see what you’ll be getting.

We’re selling them for $35, plus $5 shipping at and at Nikol’s Etsy store artclub. As a companion piece we’ve also created a record book to keep track of your creations for future reference.

The Acid Dye Pocket Record will sell for $12 (that’s including shipping).

It’s been quite a lot of work, as each book is hand assembled, but it’s been great fun. The idea was hatched after wanting a something accurate and easy to use, but not being able to find anything in the marketplace. Hopefully, others will find it useful as well. And as a little p.s., look for more things to come along this line!



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3 responses to “The Big Reveal

  1. ana

    Its so beautiful! And the lettering is gorgeous, you did a fantastic job.

  2. I knew you two were up to something! I will have to order immediately (well, when it’s not 3:30 a.m.). Congratulations! It looks spectacular!

  3. c o l o r & t e x t u r e

    Ana, thanks for the compliment — coming from such a design guru, that means a lot. And Kristin, you are so nice, girl!

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