Fall 2008 Yarn School

I can’t believe that Yarn School has come and gone so quickly.

Talk about a whirl wind of spinning, dyeing, good food, old friends, new friends, new techniques, practicing already learned skills, lots of chocolate and coffee and flat out fun. The excitement of the participants was infectious and my mind was just buzzing when I saw all the rovings hanging on the line to dry with their vibrant colors. Last but not least, that food was outstanding with our chef’s this fall being Marissa and her mother Maria. Nikol rocks — she knows how to put on a great party!

Our ever knowledgeable instructors Jennifer and Adrian.

Wildcat Hollow alpacas (I wanted to take one home).

We’re waiting for the parade (and candy) at the Harveyville Fall Festival.

The ever charming couple, Ron and Nikol, the people that make the Harveyville Project run.

Some of the rovings I dyed.

I took a multitude of pictures and it’s been hard to sort through them all and decide which ones to post, so here are a few and the rest are posted here on flickr and at the Fall Yarn School flickr group here.



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5 responses to “Fall 2008 Yarn School

  1. You have such an amazing color sense, Cathy. I am just smitten with the one in the bottom right corner. I need you to come over and let me see through your eyes!

  2. c o l o r & t e x t u r e

    I’m blushing . . .

  3. It’s no fair there’s an organized spinning community there! Out here, even though Oregon is quite artsy, there’s only a handful of spinners here or there it seems, and we only seem to meet at Black Sheep Gathering, and Oregon Flock and Fiber Fest!

    Kinda makes me ALMOST wish I still lived in Michigan… but Oregon is so much cleaner, and prettier *G*

  4. Funny, I also find the one in the bottom right corner is super delish! The one in the top right looks a lot like one I dyed during Spring Yarn School, except you have more variance in the green shades. Yummy!

  5. c o l o r & t e x t u r e

    Thanks Caroline! We missed you!

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