YouTube Cardi video

We don’t have a video camera and lately I’ve wished that we did.  Louis and Sam play tag, keep-away and chase each other endlessly in our living room, with Louis being the instigator 9 out of 10 times.  Louis LOVES to be chased!!  He has this wild little pattern of around one chair, figure eight to the next chair, behind the sofa (please don’t unplug the lamp again while you do your drive by!!), and a jig in the middle of the room.  I could sit on the sofa knitting and watching this dance for hours because it’s just so entertaining!  

Well, low a behold, there was a link from the ShowCardi-L list to this YouTube video of a Cardi named Spunky and her kitty friend doing the same dance that Louis and Sam do!!  Yippee!!  So, a you watch this, imagine a wee Jack Russell and blue merle Cardi . . .


(click on the image and watch the video)

p.s.  There’s an Etsy shop that has Cardi jewelry!  Short dogs rule!!


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