Look What I Got in the Mail!!

I love to go to the Post Office and find a package waiting for me . . .


(Sam & Louis are the official mail inspectors)


especially when I open it up and find this . . .


This is Romney top dyed by Sarah of Maisy Daisy Handspun.


Sarah has lovely colorways and when I saw this one (named Fairy Glen), I grabbed it up! I bought 12 oz. in all, then Sarah threw in a fibery little extra. This will be fun to spin — I’m such a fiber addict!



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4 responses to “Look What I Got in the Mail!!

  1. andrew

    i think louis’ package inspection technique involves coating said package in a 1-2 inch layer of doggie slobber, courtesy his giraffee-sized tongue 🙂

  2. c o l o r & t e x t u r e

    Yes, this is his specialty!

  3. Hooray! I’m glad Fairy Glen got there safe and sound. 🙂

    Those are some mighty cute mail inspectors you’ve got there.

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