“Sakes Alive! A Cattle Drive”

Some time ago, my friend Karla illustrated at children’s book titled “Sakes Alive! A Cattle Drive” for Little Brown Publishers. It’s a funny little story about two cows that sneak off the farm and all the mishaps that follow. Well, they have a little herding dog friend that tags along, and you guessed it, it’s a blue merle Cardigan Welsh Corgi.


At that time, getting a Cardi of my own was still a dream, as I had 3 rambunctious dogs already. Karla knew I loved Cardigans, especially the blue merles, and she liked them as well (great shapes and colors) and wanted some sort of herding dog in the book, so the tag along dog became a Cardi.


Well, after the book was published Karla sold me (well, actually it was a trade) the title page of the book — yes, I was a pest and begged for it. The plus is that I love chickens as well, and there’s an old hen flying off the back of the pickup.


I’ve had this illustration (and book) for several years and everytime I have looked at it, I’ve dreamt of getting my Cardi, and now I have Louis. Karla paints beautifully and the scans just don’t do it justice — the Cardigans’ color and expression are done perfectly. The book is still in publication and available for those of you that are interested!

P.S. If you look at the parade scene, you’ll see Karla (in glasses) with her dogs Gatsby (a golden retriever) and Corey (a fluffy white poodly mix).



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7 responses to ““Sakes Alive! A Cattle Drive”

  1. So cute! And serendipitous (sp?)! I’m going to check that book out some day soon…

  2. What adorable illustrations! I especially love the hen. By the way, you are featured in my blog post today…

  3. c o l o r & t e x t u r e

    I just drool over Karla’s work — it’s just so beautiful.

    Claire, what have you been up to girl?!

  4. Oh too cool! See it pays to be a pest and beg. LOL Karla’s Cardi looks a lot like Louis when he was just a little fella.

  5. Her illustrations are beautiful! I am definitely going to go check out the book, I’m sure my son would enjoy it. Thanks for sharing!

  6. c o l o r & t e x t u r e

    Yes, being a pest has its advantages! It’s a great little book!

  7. OMGOodness!! I’m ordering that for my daughter. She’s 4, and loves the Cardis just as much as I do đŸ™‚

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