Junk Isn’t Always Junk

I mainly blog about my dogs and my adventures with fiber (knitting, spinning, etc.) and some of the work that I do at the Card Factory, but I thought I might start posting some of the personal art pieces that I’ve done for myself.


I did this piece several years ago. It’s composed of old discarded junk — a padlock (that doesn’t open), hinges that are rusty, a tin can, handles with nothing to open, tossed out wood and such that on first glance, no longer have any value.  It’s interesting that with a bit of a twist to our mindset, we can suddenly see a foot in an old caster or a purse in that padlock, and thus, value.  After completing the piece and then looking at it for a while, I decided that it needed words, so I lettered it with my “version” of Proverbs 31.

I was influenced by Rhett Johnson, who does wonderful junk art.  He and his wife Kelly (a bead artist) built their home from all recycled materials in northeast Missouri.  Out behind their house, Rhett has a warehouse full of things that others have thrown away, and from these objects come the most wonderful pieces of artwork.  Suddenly, an old aluminum coffee pot is the head of a man, an ironing board is a body, a rake is hair — the possibilities become endless.  Not long after completing this piece, I was lucky enough to be in a week long workshop Rhett gave.  One thing about doing this type of work is that you better have your tetanus shot up to date!

Junk just isn’t always junk — sometimes it’s art.



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2 responses to “Junk Isn’t Always Junk

  1. WOW! Isn’t she a cheerful looking soul?! Not being an artist, when I look at junk I see junk, which is why I really appreciate some one being able to take those various unrelated pieces and come up with something so wonderful.

  2. This is awesome! I hope you post more of your projects.

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