Errata/Correction Sources

How many of us have been knitting away on a project from a book that we’ve fallen in love with — the pattern being used is the entire reason you bought the book and the yarn you found is perfect.  But, hey, the pattern just doesn’t seem to make sense.  You go over your knitting again and again, and yep, you’ve followed the pattern exactly, but there’s some funky stuff going on.  Well, that’s when you realize that there’s a problem in the pattern, in fact there might be problems in many of the patterns in that book.  Even though books go through technical writers and proofreaders, mistakes still seem to make it onto the printed page.  All reputable publishers will have an Errata/Correction page of all their books that have known mistakes.  In the age of computers, it’s become quite easy to go to the publishers website, do an errata/correction search, and most books will have a pdf file with corrected patterns.

Here’s a list of a few publishers errata pages:

*  Interweave Press                              *  The Knitting Universe — XRX

*  Lark Books                                      *  Martingale & Company

*  Unicorn Books & Crafts                  *  School House Press

*  Rowan                                             *  Classic Elite

*  Vogue                                              *  Berroco

*  Art Yarns                                                                 

Self published:

*  Heirloom Knitting by Sharon Miller

*  Knit Cafe

The Needle Arts Book Shop, KnitBlog & Dream Weaver Yarns each have a page with many publishers and links listed.

If anyone else has a link that they know of, let me know and I’ll add it to the list!



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2 responses to “Errata/Correction Sources

  1. OH thanks for the links! I’m always scrounging around AFTER I knit something furxed up and need to start looking for errata BEFORE. 🙂
    Also loved the pics of spinsters!

  2. c o l o r & t e x t u r e

    I’m the same way! Hopefully, now that I have them all written in one place, I’ll think to look first!

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