Zeilinger Wool Co.

I sent just over 16 pounds of raw fleece off to Zeilinger’s at the end of January to take advantage of their 27% off any prepaid order for the month of January


(raw fleece and a very dirty kitchen floor)


and found that UPS had delivered a box with the finished rovings on my doorstep this week.


How did all that fit in that skinny box?


I didn’t expect to get it back for several weeks — what a fast turn around!


I’ve never used Zeilinger’s before, but have heard from all my fiber friends about the good service and quality of rovings made there. I bought two fleeces off of Ebay last year (which is always a bit of a gamble) and I had a beautiful fleece I bought from Tina last spring — they just been sitting in my studio waiting to be processed. I’m very pleased and can’t wait to dye them.

Last, but not least, a gratuitous picture of Louis . . .




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8 responses to “Zeilinger Wool Co.

  1. Deb

    Thanks for the tip! I think I’ll try them out when I buy a fleece at Shepherd’s Harvest in Minnesota this spring.

  2. Louis is a hunk as usual!

    Did I spy a loom in one of those pictures? I recently got a loom, but I know nothing about weaving yet. It is a Rasmussen loom and it has 4 foot pedals. Beyond that, I know just about nothing about it. But I’m excited to learn how to use it. Maybe you could do a post on your loom. Or maybe you already have?

  3. so, cathy, when you sent it to Zeilinger it was fresh off the sheep dirty? wow…so they basically wash it? & what else? i know nothing about the process…i’ve only ever bought fresh already dyed roving.

  4. Louis is much better looking than your load of rovings. LOL I’m sure when you’re finished dyeing and spinning you will have beautiful yarn to make another pretty………but Louis will still be better looking. 😉 Jiggs has been suffering from a severe case of “puppy brain” and with today’s snow is a real PITA.

  5. Kim

    Hey we’ve moved and I’m sure you’re in need of some puppy pics!

    Blogger ate Kate’s blog =( all four yrs worth!

  6. That is beautiful roving and what a deal! Have fun dyeing 🙂

    Louis is stunning. I love that clear blue merle color.

  7. c o l o r & t e x t u r e

    That roving is just staring at me, begging to be dyed!! Louis is staring at me too, but he wants food!
    Yep, that’s a loom in the pictures — it’s a Schacht, 4-harness, 36″, high castle floor loom.

  8. Loooouuuuiiiissss. I want to snorgle him.

    Have you seen Web’s Spring weaving catalog? Amazing. Simply amazing.

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