Sleepy Little Amigurumi Bear


I just love Japanese Amigurumi crocheted toys and decided to try my hand a designing and making one, so here’s my little sleepy bear.  I used Omega’s Sinfonia 100% cotton yarn and a 3.5mm crochet hook.  His muzzle is felt that I embroidered on and his facial features have also been embroidered.  I rubbed a bit of pastel in pale pink on his cheeks and inner ears.

My mind is churning with ideas for other little critters to keep him company . . .



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9 responses to “Sleepy Little Amigurumi Bear

  1. cute! i love making these little animals too. of course they are all for my niece, julia, who has a stuffed animal fetish. she has probably 300 animals on her bed at any one time & the funny thing is that her dogs only steal the ones i made! they must smell like our dog, mightyboy, who likes to sit in my armpit as i knit & crochet.

    you’ll have to publish your patterns, cathy!

  2. It is adorable! I’m curious what you’ll come up with next.

  3. Oh so cute! I love his little green outfit! Awww…

  4. That is just the cutest critter!!!!!!

  5. Oh your bear is too cute! I love the final touch of rosy cheeks and a bit of pink in the ears…….signs of a true artist. Don’t let Louis see this little guy or it’ll end up being a snack.

  6. What an adorable little bear. Cute cute cute!

  7. fleegle

    Aw, that is adorable! And thanks so much for your kind comments on my Iris stole!

  8. withoutgrace

    Love him!!! He looks so cuddly… Can’t wait to see who you create to go along side him.

  9. spookiee

    Cute! I look forward to seeing your pattern especially for this one! I want to crochet one for my friend’s baby when he’s born in May!

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