Flickr Critters

Okay, so I’m on a mosaic making jag.


1. Caught in the action…, 2. Boss saurus, 3. IMG_6038_f800_raw, 4. I know….I know….don’t even go there., 5. Little bunny, 6. 3 cats, 7. Untitled, 8. Ruban, 9. Doggy, 10. Goliath, 11. Warming my schnozzle under the covers, 12. Hertta in her new sweater, 13. giraffe by Lisa Solomon, 14. ludi, 15. Big Bad Wolf, 16. dia treinta, 17. Presenting: Agnes., 18. Bruce! Stop playing with the toilet paper!, 19. Broccoli, 20. A Year in Pictures: 02/19/09, 21. Trouble, 22. Teddy Claus, 23. Kitten in a Sack, 24. Trixie, 25. Helmi with her brand new outfit

I’ve used Flickr forever, as it’s necessary to download pictures for Ravelry.  But recently, I’ve had this major epiphany of what a great research resource Flickr is.  Illustrators, fiber people, crafters, painters and more, download their images and you can connect with them as contacts and follow their work.  It’s just been so inspiring!

Well, in the midst of all that, I’ve found a multitude of cute little critters and so today I’m indulging both my new found love of making mosaics and anything furry.



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3 responses to “Flickr Critters

  1. Thank you for including my photo of Goliath in your collage! I started using Flickr when I joined Ravelry, and really, I can’t think of a more comprehensive application – it’s really its own lovely community.

  2. c o l o r & t e x t u r e


    Goliath’s face is SO sweet and those ears are amazing!!

  3. Eeek! Adorable collection! I awwwwwed a ton!

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