A Harveyville Weekend — Part I

I went out to Harveyville this weekend so Nikol and I could start Phase II of our Acid Dye Source Book project. We were really productive, planning and laying out the project and doing some initial dyeing.


We also worked on another fun project — a banner and t-shirt for the Harveyville Spinsters Club.


The Spinsters have decided to have a booth at the Topeka Farmers Market this summer to sell our wares, so I’ve designed a logo for us that I made into a banner to go on our booth and to put on t-shirts for us.  Nikol is the queen of resources and she had a blank banner from Dick Blick’s and an overhead projector that came with the school, so we were able to project the original image onto the banner and I could then trace it and paint it.


I love that Freddie kept me company the entire weekend.  Boots is just as sweet, but Freddie has my heart.  As we sat in the office and worked, Freddie would jump up in my lap and make himself comfortable, all the while purring like a maniac.  How can you not fall in love with a cat that gives you such a look of complete contentment and happiness?!


I also love this light fixture in the lobby of the school.  Sometimes I forget to look up and see it, so when I finally look up, I’m pleasantly surprise all over again.  

The chickens, where to start?




They always make me smile . . . their jerky, quirky walk, their funny and calming clucking and their wonderful shapes and all so pleasing to me.



Their eggs are beautiful, from a lovely light, blue-green, to terra cotta, and then all speckled.  Nikol sent a dozen home with me — I’m so LUCKY!


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One response to “A Harveyville Weekend — Part I

  1. oooooooo……..phase me mama phase me…lol. i wanna no……i NEED a t-shirt!!!!..lol. let me know when the books are ready!!! they look great so far! pet the kittycats for me-they seem to all run away when i come to visit Nikol…..(sigh!). when does the market in topeka open for the season and what are the times???

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