A Harveyville Weekend — Part II


Last week there was a grass fire just behind the High School.  The fields in the prairie are burned off every spring, but they think this one was set by some careless children.


You can see that a large area was affected and it almost got too close for comfort to the sheep’s pen.

Nikol has four charming little sheep and they’ve constructed a good enclosure for them.   They just come a-trotting when you go to visit, well mainly because they think you might have a cookie for them.  


Agnes is so sweet and woolly.



Uncle Honeybunch has the most charming little Shetland face.



Fudgy the Whale is very shy and didn’t want a thing to do with me.


Now, Mister Shivers decided that he MUST head-butt me at every opportunity.  Nikol thought he might be a bit cranky because of the wart above his eye (which as it turns out, is fairly rare and the vets at the KSU vet school want it if it’s taken off).  Nikol held him so I could get a good picture of him and not get knocked over in the process!


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One response to “A Harveyville Weekend — Part II

  1. Cathy, are you in a turf war with a sheep?

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