About a week ago it was 80 degrees here and then yesterday we got pounded by snow!


Weather in the midwest is anything but predictable. img_0787

All my daffodils were blooming, but I was able to get out and cut most of them so we could enjoy them as the snow fell.


img_08071 At least the dogs love the snow — they keep standing at the backdoor, begging to go out so they can run and play in it.

what-are-you-lookin-at1Spring can’t get here soon enough!!!!



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3 responses to “snow?!?

  1. Marilyn

    I think that snow just missed us. We mainly had rain and sleet. I missed seeing you at Spinsters today. 🙂

  2. i love the pups faces! our four don’t care so much for the snow…they can’t get back inside fast enough!!

  3. That Louis is quite the blue merle Cardi. What a super coat! I think he and Sam like the snow as much as I do.

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