Hot Pad Swap


Adrian and Maryse have organized a hot pad swap and I just jumped right in. The rules are that there’s two months to complete them, they must be made with either cotton or wool, they MUST be crocheted and you need to make five of the same design, although they can differ in colors. Crocheted hot pads are items that conjure up memories of family dinners at my grandma’s house or handmade items that were divied up after my great aunt Anna died. Useful, and often kitschy, they’re just fun little items to make.

I found several vintage patterns that I really like, lots of books with afghan squares and so many free pattern sites — how do you choose?! 3383669178_cbbffbab9e-1

I began by experimenting with 100% cotton Sinfonia yarn by Omega and a 3.5mm (E) crochet hook and the book “200 Crochet Blocks”, trying several afghan square patterns.  I finally decided on pattern #189  for the fronts and “#157 for the backs.  I used a single crochet to join the two pieces together and then finished them off with a picot edging and a loop to hang them by.



I still need to make hang tags with yarn, pattern and hook information, and then off they go to the swap.






Of course, as I sat and crocheted, Louis would lay on the bed (or my legs) and watch me.  That face makes me smile



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6 responses to “Hot Pad Swap

  1. Nikol

    They’re just beautiful! Now I wish I had joined the swap!

  2. hey! i’m wishing i had been in the swap too! lovely things you made, cathy. be sure to share with us what you get in return!

  3. Hey there Bro! You’re looking mighty comfy on your Mom’s bed. I’m not supposed to go upstairs; and, of course, I couldn’t get up on the bed by myself if I did. I did sneak up one morning when Shelby went to get Mom up, and boy did I get in trouble.

    You wanna know what is really fun? Yesterday morning I went mudding in the back yard. Yippee!

    • c o l o r & t e x t u r e

      Jiggs, dude, this is the life. The people even got me some stairs so I can get up on the bed by myself. Mud?! I love mud!

  4. Beautiful hot pads, and I love the dog photo!

  5. Beautiful pot holders, and Louis makes me smile too!

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