Dogs at Play

What is it with that red squeaky ball?!  That thing is years old and it is still the favorite toy at our house, to the point that fights break out over who should have possession of it and then it’s locked away for a month.  




Louis studies the precious red ball with great intensity.  Sam pretends not to care.


Are you seeing the theme that Louis loves to lay on his back and toss the ball in the air, taunting Sam to come and take it away, all the while Sam pretends to ignore said attempts to lure him into a game of chase?


Sam finally has possession, and now he tries to rope Frank into playing — sorry bud, it’s not working.


I guess they’ll just have to settle with being cute . . .



Filed under Cardigan Welsh Corgi, dogs

8 responses to “Dogs at Play

  1. Oh Frank you are so mean! Get into the spirit and play with those boys.

  2. That first pic of Louis is absolutely WONDERFUL!

  3. Thank goodness being cute is so easy for them!

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