Yarn School Spring 2009

Whew!  Spring Yarn School has come and gone!

spring 2009 yarn school
all in a big circle I went as a helper again, along with Ana and Jen M, and we were the dish washing, fiber rinsing, towel gathering, table busing, chicken rangling, airport shuttling, laundry doing, Yarn Zombies — all in all, we made a good team.  There were two teachers, Adrian and Jen S and then, the grand Poo-Baa, Nikol, who made the whole thing roll.  This spring, there were twenty students, many of whom were attendees for a second and even third time.  Everyone was great — we all had our wheels in a giant circle and we would laugh and spin when we weren’t in the dye lab, carding or eating.  Jan absolutely kept everyone in stitches and Rachel laughed till she fell out of her chair.  There was amazing food (thank you Nikol — when are you going to put out a cookbook?!), wonderfully dyed fiber, lots of spinning and just plain fun.


adrian's demo

nikol taking pics


braided rovings

If you’ve never been to Yarn School, I would HIGHLY recommend it — you’ll leave exhausted & revived!

More pictures can be found here & here!


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One response to “Yarn School Spring 2009

  1. Oh my I’ve got fiber envy from looking at the lovely dyed top. I see that Cheri was there with bunnies and goats too what fun. It never seems to work for me to go to the spring session. I’m aiming to get there this fall though….need to put it on my calendar NOW.

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