Happy Birthday Louis!

bday boy

I can hardly believe that my little blue boy is one year old today.  Thank you Kim for letting me take him home with me!!  Happy Birthday Louis!

(my friend Karla did this wonderful drawing)



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4 responses to “Happy Birthday Louis!

  1. Hey Bro Happy Birthday! Now that we’re one year old does that mean we have to act grown up?

  2. Happy Birthday Louis! It’s hard to believe you and Jiggs are one year old………gosh it seems like such a short time ago since “Wildman” came to live with us. The picture by Karla is so cool.

  3. c o l o r & t e x t u r e

    Jiggs, we NEVER have to grow up!! At, least that’s what my mom told me . . . (as transcribed from Louis to Mom) . . .

  4. Happy birthday, little Louis! He is such a sweetheart. (Those little legs get me every time.)

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