May Spinsters Club

Marilyn hosted our May get together at her house in Topeka on Sunday. What can say that I haven’t said before — it’s a wonderful and inspiring group of women with a variety of interests that are brought together by their love of fibers and spinning. No matter how stressed I’ve been, I can sit and spin with this group for three hours and leave relaxed and happy (and full, as we’re all foodies). If someone doesn’t know a technique, there will always be someone else in the group that has an answer and the knowledge, there’s always encouragement and excitement as skills improve and always envy and admiration as plied yarn comes off a wheel.

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves . . .

IMG_1147Our lovely hostest with the mostest, Marilyn, on Ravelry aka Marilynpickle.


IMG_1142Drop spindle, knitting and spinning — can life get much better?!




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3 responses to “May Spinsters Club

  1. Yup life is good when you can fit all those activities into one room 🙂 It was nice to meet you. I sure hope your doggies get well soon.

    Great pics!

    • c o l o r & t e x t u r e

      Denise, it was great to finally meet you too! The pups are healing quickly and Louis loses the collar today — yipee!

  2. Antoinette

    Hey, I was wondering when the August get together will be? I ran into a Spinster at the farmer’s market, and she suggested I come to a meeting, to help me learn. Thanks!

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