Insubordiknit Spinning Workshop

This past weekend I attended a two day spinning workshop held at The Studio Yarn Shop that was taught by Jacey Boggs of Insubordiknit Yarns. I started the day on Saturday very excited and equally nervous — Jacey spins wonderful art yarns that are full of beehives, coils, faux boucle, super coils, halos, thick & thin, core spinning, auto-plying and felted objects, and I’ve spent my time spinning trying to perfect a dk weight yarn that’s consistent. I’ve always wanted to learn how to spin thick & thin, beehives and coils, and have seen several demos on how to do them, but I’ve just haven’t been able to grasp the techniques. I realize now, that was because I hadn’t met Jacey yet.Jacey

jaceyboggsspinningJacey is an amazing instructor — her yarns are stunning, but her technique and her ability to convey how to accomplish those techniques is what makes her such a good teacher (well, that and the fact that she’s SO much fun and nice). She would bring us up in groups of four and demo what she was going to spin, going over the technique and explaining it as many times as needed. Then we would go back to our wheels and trying it for ourselves. When Jacey had demo-ed for everyone, she would then go around to each of us individually at our wheels and see how we were doing, give us pointers, and showing us hands on if needed. Then she would go back up front and do group demos again as needed. So thorough! By the end of the two days I may not have perfected each technique, but left with a firm understanding of each ones structure (plus I bought one of her dvd‘s so I’d have a reference at home!).

#1Jacey at work making coils


group1The Studio did a great job hosting and sent out orders for lunch for the group each day. All the participants were so nice, with Steph coming all the way from Germany to attend! I left exhausted and thrilled and anxious to go home and attempt my new skills at home.

For more pictures go HERE.



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3 responses to “Insubordiknit Spinning Workshop

  1. nestra

    So jealous! Hopefully she is going to be teaching in TN next year, so I will get to experience the wonder that is Jacey Boggs too!

  2. That really WAS fun and enlightening. I loved Jaycee’s teaching methods too! I left feeling that I really COULD try to make some fun yarns.

    Love your pics!

  3. Wow, that looks like it was a lot of fun. I have yet to try any of those types of techniques. They just intimidate the dickens out of me. I am thinking of going to the Harveyville Yarn School in October in Kansas. Maybe they will be able to teach some of these techniques there. Great pictures!

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