Snoozing boy

snozing boy

Oh, to be so relaxed and oblivious to all that surrounds you!  I woke up to find Louis at the foot of the bed, on his back with his legs up in the air, asleep and at peace with the world.  I love this dog.

p.s.  To see another Cardi sleeping in a like position, go to my friend Sarah’s blog and see Kane.



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4 responses to “Snoozing boy

  1. Gotta love the Cardi boys! Kane will put his similar pose on his blog sometime today so you can compare the wet noodle positioning. 🙂

  2. Oh to have the life of a dog in a good home 🙂 that Louis is one lucky boy!

  3. Oh Louis you sweetie! You look just as comfy as brother Jiggs when he’s on his back. Have you been behaving yourself and having a good summer? OR have you been irritating the heck outta Sam?

  4. So cute! Sometimes our cat also sleeps on her back, with her paws delicately held up at an angle, like Louis’ right paw. It looks so dainty! I have yet to catch her with a camera nearby (and she’s a light sleeper and easily distracted).

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