More Snoozing Corgis from Flickr

Okay, I’m on a roll . . .  While going through all my Flickr favorites, I realized I have MANY pics of Corgis sleeping in the funniest positions, just like Louis, and I had to make a mosaic of them.  Hopefully, they’ll bring a smile to your face as well.


1. Typische corgi slaapstand, 2. Gotcha your nose!, 3. Dead Bug, 4. PUPPEH, 5. Nelson, 6. When the heat goes out, 7. Asleep in the bookshelf, 8. 090228_062, 9. Smell it~~~, 10. sweepy, 11. hitting the books, 12. All Wrapped Up, 13. Sleeping Through Bathtime, 14. Tara en Misty, 15. No one should sleep this well!, 16. Peaceful Sleep

Created with fd’s Flickr Toys.



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5 responses to “More Snoozing Corgis from Flickr

  1. Ha. That red dog, next to last, is Syd’s half brother. ;-P

  2. Oh you just have to love those stubby dogs. I am going to corgieville in KY mid august to see little sister. Will miss the KC spinsters this month. Will see you at fiber school..I’m doing the whole deal yarn and felt school…yahoo. Have fun spinning sunday…mayb one of these days I can make it to auxillary group spinsters.

  3. Mary Lou Griswold

    Not all the cute sleeping Cardi pics are in Flickr albums. I sent one of Jiggs to you some time back that you posted, but I just sent you another one. Even if they are pesky at times, we both know that Louis & Jiggs are the cutest Cardis around………….awake or asleep.

  4. too cute for words! My corgi is currently asleep under the couch. At least i can almost guarantee it since i’m at work!

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