Two Japanese Cardigans

I found this video on Flickr, posted by “pikojin”, of Piko & Jin, two beautiful black and white Cardigan Welsh Corgis.  

piko & jen flickr

I laughed so hard because these two are frapping wilding away in their home, just the way Louis does in our living room, only times two!!  There is such a sense of pure joy as these two fly through their paces.

Go HERE to see these two in their frapping glory!



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2 responses to “Two Japanese Cardigans

  1. LOL!!! Dogs should not be allowed to be so cute!

  2. Ah what a couple of cuties. I really don’t think these two could hold a candle to Jiggs though when it comes to a FRAP. They seem to keep to the floor, Jiggs not only runs around, he’s bouncing off the couch and ottoman too, all the while Shelby is chasing him and barking. Wouldn’t life be boring without our pups?

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