October Socks

I’ve been a very, very bad blogger!! Knee surgery (ouch), jury duty (grumble, grumble, civic duty and all that), SOLD MY HONKIN’ BIG LOOM, lay-offs at work, Nikol and I finished our new dye book (more on that later), Yarn School, bronchitis, knitting, LIFE! Ok, there are the Cliff Notes for my summer . . .

Now for my knitting. I finished my “Wollmeise socks“, a pattern by Monica Jines that’s FREE at The Loopy Ewe. I knit using 2 pairs of 16 inch #1/2.25mm circular needles used Miss Babs “Yummy” sock yarn in the Iris colorway of greens and purples.


socks done

The pattern is very subtle, with staggered k2tog’s and yo ktb. A very easy knit from the top down pattern that goes together quickly.

close up

A little side line, I was so impressed when my friend Rachel saw me knitting these socks and without hesitation, she stated (paraphrased), “oh, I love that “Yummy” sock yarn from Miss Babs, and that “Iris” color is great.” The girl knows hers yarns!!



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2 responses to “October Socks

  1. Ooooh yeah, I see how it is, here we go again. I noticed your “…very easy knit…” comment, which you unquestionably put there just to taunt me. You just want to see me tie myself up with yarn and sit in the corner with my little DPNs doing one stitch every minute or so, just so I don’t make mistakes.

    But, ha HA! I am progressing! I am nearly at the toe on my first sock, AND I have learned how to use a circular needle just this past week! Woo hoo! Oh yeah, I’m just cooking with gasoline over here. Watch out sock world, next year I might make a whole pair!

    I’m still insanely jealous of your beautiful socks.

  2. Oh goodness..you have had knee surgery since I’ve seen you! I hope all is going well in your healing process. I’m still hacking and coughing myself….so it seems like it might be a long winter. Your socks are lovely. I’ve been thinking of working on a gigantic sock pattern that one felts into booties. I’ve also been thinking I want a golden doodle in my life. I keep trying to suppress it but it isn’t going away on it’s own 😦 Wish Lawrence were not so far away or I would come to spinsters. I’d say it is a long shot for me to be there tomorrow. Enjoy if you travel west! Hope to see you sooner rather than later…wishing you good health!

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