October Spinsters

Spinsters was in Lawrence, KS this past Sunday — Lawrence, home of the University of Kansas, basketball, fabulous shopping on Mass Street, Civil War history, and our host for Spinsters, Julie W.
julie's house

Julie lives in a historic district in Lawrence in a house that was designed and built as a part of Studio 804, a final semester project for the Architecture and Urban Design students a KU. This particular house was the 1999 project and is a wonderful space.


Because the location was a historical district, there were restrictions of the building size, but the space is efficient and open with big windows and high ceilings.

looking down

In the upstairs hall, Julie had a wonderful collection of leaves that she has pressed and framed dating back to 1999.


The house cat, Bug, supervised all knitting, crocheting and spinning and tried to be our taste-tester as well!

bug watching

It was a wonderful space to have Spinsters — thank you Julie! As always, the company of the group was so enjoyable — there was laughter, much food and spinning. I’m always amazed at how the group has grown from our little gathering of five, to as many as seventeen in attendance and 42 on our e-mail list, and it seems that we have someone new that joins us everytime. I’m always in such a happy mood on the last Sunday of the month . . .


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  1. Oh gosh I did miss out on something fun. Lawrence seemed so far away at the time. The afternoon must have been really fun. How cute is that house and the colorful maple tree outdoors…fantastic pictures! BTW I treasure my bag…have kept it in my truck so as not to get cat hairs and rabbit fuzz on it 🙂

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