If you have a bit of last minute gifting that still needs to be done and about a hour of time, I have a solution for you.  Homemade Nutella chocolate-hazelnut spread.  Adrian had a post on her Flickr page and it looked so yummy that I just had to try it.  The ingredients are hazelnuts, sweeten condensed milk, honey and chocolate chips (I used Ghirardelli) and the recipe can be found here.  The most difficult part of the entire process was finding hazelnuts, but after much looking and calling of grocery stores I found them at Whole Foods (hmmm, I should have thought of that right from the start — they carry them in bulk).  A food processor is necessary to liquify the hazelnuts and a double boiler to melt the chocolate and sweeten condensed milk together.

I made three batches which filled two half pint and six quarter pint jars.

After a bit of taste testing, I can tell that this is going to become a holiday tradition!


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  1. YUMMY! Looks so good. 🙂

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