Giant Granny Afghan

The previous afghan I crocheted took me three years to complete. I didn’t work on it everyday, every week or even every month, but still, it took three years. **sigh** I had piles of yarn left over and I thought about throwing it all in a box and dropping it of at the nearest senior center. But then I decided to make another afghan, only this time it was going to be one giant square — no sewing endless squares together and weaving in the ends because I would crochet the ends in as I went. I was on a mission to prove to myself (and anyone else that was interested) that I wasn’t a total, horrible, miserable slug of a lazy crocheter! So I took on this challenge on December 6th and finished it December 20th! Woo! Hoo! Done in two weeks!

This was a great project to eat up all the left over yarn. I resolved when I started that I would NOT buy ANY yarn for this afghan, that when I ran out of a color I would just switch to a color in the same family, I mean I had a gigantic storage tub running over with several rainbows worth of colors. Grumble, best laid plans. By the time I got to the last three rows, the rounds chewed up massive amounts of yarn and I had to buy two skeins of yarn, one gold and one dark brown. I admit it, I had to pout for a couple of hours about that one, but, when all is said and done, I had only a measley little pile of yarn left — mission accomplished!

The pattern is the basic Granny Afghan crochet pattern that has been around forever and has been published and passed down in books and memories for decades. I found that many patterns used a set of three double crochets, but after some experimentation, I liked the way four triple crochets looked. I finished the edges with four rounds of single crochet and then final fifth round of a picot edging. The finished piece measure 70″x70″.

There are so many sources for this pattern and here are just a few: Basic Granny Square, Old Granny Afghan, and How to Make a Granny Square.

Okay, so while I was taking pictures to post, I turned my back for a second and Louis decided to curl up with my newly finished afghan. He can’t claim both of my afghans! (can he?)



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5 responses to “Giant Granny Afghan

  1. great afghan and very effective….

  2. Mary Lou Griswold

    Great way to use up leftover yarn. Of course Louis can have two afghans!

  3. Beautiful. You are so talented. I love the colors. And yes, of course Louis can have two afghans. I’m sure he could have three, if you’d get busy and crochet him another one!. 🙂

  4. Oh Cathy, it’s beautiful! You have such good color sense. And so, apparently, does Louis.

  5. Cathy, this is just absolutely gorgeous, I love it! I keep seeing all these giant grannies and my ability to resist is weakening.

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