One persons trash is another persons treasure

During the swap and shop evening at the Fall 2008 Yarn School, my friend Grasshopper was selling several of her “not so favorite” fibers that she had dyed. One in particular caught my eye — it was BFL (or as another friend calls it: biffle) in shades of blue with greens and magenta — oh, baby, those are my colors!! Grasshopper said she liked it “okay”, but she wasn’t crazy about it and would probably never spin it. Enough said. I snatched it up! It spun like a dream and I made approximately 590 yards of 2-ply worsted weight yarn.

Now the hunt was on for pattern — it would need to be a shrug or short sweater since I had limited yardage. I settled on a pattern from the Drops website, a short jacket with short leaves (pattern 117-43) that is knit side to side in garter stitch with short rows for shaping and absolutely NO seams.

Drops is a Norwegian company that produces lovely yarn and has hundreds of free patterns available on their website. The patterns are originally written in Norwegian and the majority of them have been translated into English. Because the instructions have been translated, they can sometimes be a bit quirky in their phrasing and I had to reread them MANY times to make sure that I understood everything correctly. A few times I know I was cocking my head to the side the way Louis does when he doesn’t understand what I’m asking him to do! All that said, the pattern is very clever in its use of short rows to create its shaping and I’m really pleased with the outcome.

By the time I was ready to cast off, I only had about two feet of my handspun left so I use some Harrisville Highland yarn in a teal/blue colorway to cast off and then used the same yarn to add a single crochet edging. Since the yarn was handspun and the garment was knit side to side, the edges ended up not being consistently even, so the crochet edging totally evened things up, plus it tied together with the cast-off edges.

I’m so glad that Grasshopper didn’t want that fiber because I feel like I scored big time!!

Thanks to Sugaroni for taking the pictures!



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5 responses to “One persons trash is another persons treasure

  1. It looks really nice 🙂

  2. Beautiful! I love the design. Yes, I would agree that you scored big time.

  3. OH that turned out fabulous! I snatched up some Grasshopper Jen destash fiber too.

    Very cool shaping along the back. I do love garter stitch, this Drops pattern shows it off beautifully!
    Nice Job!

  4. Grasshopper

    I love it! I’m glad you snatched it up to make something so lovely 🙂

  5. Oh yeah you did score big time. The colors are fantastic and the blue edge is just the perfect touch.

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