January 2010 Spinsters Club

Last Sunday I loaded up my car with my spinning wheel and fiber and headed out to Harveyville for our January Spinsters gathering. Nikol was the host with the most providing a wonderful setting for spinning, laughing and coffee. I missed the last get together and we didn’t meet in December and I was beginning to have Spinsters withdrawl! I missed seeing everyone so much — I love catching up with everyone and hearing all about their lives.

Since Nikol has umpteen carders, she invited us all to bring 2-4 ounces of fiber so we could make crazy batts!! Yipee!! We did that two years ago during one our meetings at Harveyville and had great fun with it. I almost forgot to bring any fiber and Grasshopper luckily reminded me just as I was stepping out the door. I would have been so sad if I had shown up empty handed!

We put out the empty baskets and divided up our fiber so that everyone got a taste of each others fiber. That orange fiber was such an amazing color and there was also a green that made me smile — it ended up being a nice range of colors.

Grasshopper turning away at the carder. Nikol had four carding stations set up so no one had to wait very long for their turn.

Voila! Here’s my finished batt.



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3 responses to “January 2010 Spinsters Club

  1. Dori

    Wonderful batt. Can’t wait to see it spun. Fiber content?

  2. OH that batt looks cute! I love the idea of making up some crazy shared spinster batts! I’ll have to make sure to get to HV next year for that. πŸ™‚
    Happy spinning!

  3. Hey Cathy, Sorry I missed Spinsters I’m having a bit of withdrawal as well πŸ™‚ Check out my blog for our farm news. Burr it is really cold here this morning. I hope you were not out in the snow squall yesterday in the KC area and that you are well. Give the hounds a biscuit on my behalf πŸ™‚

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