Potholder Swap 2010!

1. Twister, 2. I Love the Green One. , 3. [04.06.09] flower parts, 4. 90/2009: Topflappen, 5. More potholders, 6. Potholders.. , 7. Shetland Potholder, 8. Fiestaware, 9. Catherine Wheel Hot Pad Back

The Swap is on! Last year I joined in a Potholder Swap – the rules were that each participant was to crochet five potholders, send them to the gracious organizer, Adrian, and in return five potholders would be sent back to you. I received five fabulous potholders, three from the USA, one from the Netherlands and one from Germany. There was a group formed on Flickr and everyone posted their progress — what type yarn, color combinations, patterns, choices and more choices. One wouldn’t think that the lowly potholder/hotpad could be so inspiring, but the imagination and energy poured into these little gems was wonderful. I was hope, hope, hoping that there would be another one this year, but I didn’t know if the organizers would feel up to the challenge again. Oh, me of little faith! This year Adrian will be joined by Maritza, Maryse, and Stacie to sort through the stacks of potholders whilst eating cheese and drinking Pimms (at least that’s how they did it last year).

Last week they announced that Potholder Swap 2010! was on and anyone was welcome to join in. The rules being that you must crochet 5 potholders and they must be on Adrians doorstep by March 27th. (go HERE and HERE for the low down on the rules) Groups on Ravelry and Flickr have been formed to answer questions and post progress.

So, I’ve pulled out my books, ordered a couple more and sent out an order for more DK weight cotton yarn than anyone one person should possess in a lifetime. Finding the “perfect” pattern is half the battle, so that’s first on my list. Here are a few of the free patterns that are in the running: Pretty Petals, Old-Fashioned Potholders, Wool Eater (the pattern is for an afghan and has been modified, it’s #2 in the picture mosaic), 10 Point Hotpad, Scalloped Potholder, Hot Stuff (sometimes called Squiggly) and Catherine’s Wheel (the pattern is for a scarf and has been modified, it’s #9 in the picture mosiac). Last year I made my potholders using a afghan square pattern from the book “200 Crochet Blocks” using pattern #189 as the front and pattern #157 as the back.

Egad!! Decisions! Decisions!! The clock is ticking and I need to choose a pattern . . .



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2 responses to “Potholder Swap 2010!

  1. I’ve been thinking about joining, but the thought of adding more yarn to my stash (and cotton at that!) is kind of distressing. Very distressing. What to do?

  2. WOW the “lowly” potholder has sure come up in the world! I pitched my stash of cotton yarn long ago so I can’t even crochet a potholder now. No I’m not gonna gather up more stash cause I’ve got a hugh cross stitch stash and don’t need more “stuff”.

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