Finished!! Potholder Swap 2010!

Finished!!  My potholders for the Potholder Swap 2010! are finally done, crocheted, ends woven in, wet blocked, and pictures taken, they’re ready to be packed up and mailed of to Massachusetts to be sorted and sent to their destinations around the country, or world.  Last year of the five potholders I received, two were from Europe!  I’ve been following the progress of the participates on both the Flickr group and the Ravelry group and have been impressed by all the patterns chosen and the color choices everyone has been making.  The Swap has also been a wonderful way for those that are new to crocheting.  I learned when I was in the 6th grade and made a matching lime green vest and tam (I wish I could find them and post a picture of them because they’re just day-glow bright), but I crochet only occasionally — knitting is my main addiction.  These round little projects have been so much fun to make and I believe that I’m going to have to make a couple of these colorways for myself.

Just as with knitting, the crochet potholders didn’t feel completely done until they were wet blocked.  I’m a firm believer in wet blocking — totally immersing the knit or crocheted fabric in water until it is thoroughly saturated, gently squeezing out any excess water, then laying it flat to dry, pinning if necessary to shape it correctly.  The picot edging had a tendency to curl up and the loop at the top wanted to twist a bit, so every picot, plus the loop was pinned in place while the potholder was wet.  Because it’s been raining here for days, I set up two fans to help with the drying (you can see the black fan in the upper right corner).  To me, spraying my crocheting or knitting with water only slightly affects the outer fibers and blocking with a steam iron only flattens the fibers like a pancake with no loft to the fibers.  Wet blocking gives a more finished look — things look “hand-made” not “home-made” — there’s an enormous difference.

So here’s the lowdown — I used the pattern called “Snail Shell” on page 158 from the book “Crochet Stitch Motifs” .  I used a size C crochet hook and Tahki Cotton Classic yarn.  Since I had a lot of crochet to do and was going to be using a fairly small hook, I decided to try Clover’s Soft Touch crochet hooks and am totally sold on them.  The body of the hook is plastic with an added rubbery cushion where your thumb rest, which is great because I have a tendency to clench my hook like a fiend!  FYI — I found mine on E-bay as a set of six for around $25, including shipping.

I’ll post the potholders I receive in return as soon as I get them!  I can’t wait!!!



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12 responses to “Finished!! Potholder Swap 2010!

  1. Those are almost too pretty to use. I love your color choices.

  2. Denise W.

    those are simply lovely….makes me wish I knew how to crochet

  3. Oh these are really lovely. I saw them on Ravelry first and followed them here. Makes me want to improve my basic crochet skills

  4. Gorgeous work! They look fantastic

  5. Bethe

    These are absolutely gorgeous.

    I would have NEVER guessed that these were that particular motif. Such a HUGE difference from the picture in the book.

    Well done!

  6. These are SO CUTE! I love them. I need to get better at crochet so I can do this kind of thing.

  7. Lynda

    Every one of these is amazing. Your Tahki cotton spree was well worth it. It really makes a difference when you have lots of color choices.

  8. You should have a ton more comments.
    I totally love your very precise and colorful work. Thanks for sharing so many of the details so I can try to make some too!

  9. Caroline

    These are wonderful! You have such an eye for colors. I’ve been wanting to join the potholder swap but seeing what people are making is giving me a serious complex. I just don’t think mine would come out as nice as these (or the others I’ve seen online).

  10. cathy

    Wonderful colour! Wow!

  11. These potholders are beautiful Cathy! Love the colors and the pattern you chose – I’ll have to put this on my “to do” list – they look like fun!

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