Lampwork Bead Stitch Markers

Several years ago I learned how to make lampwork beads and discovered how addictive it can be. There’s something about taking a cylinder of glass sticking it in a blazing hot flame, melting it onto a metal rod that’s absolutely hypnotizing. The next step is deciding what to do with these little gems, so last night I made them into bead markers that are going out as thank you gifts to the Fab Four organizers of the Potholder Swap 2010!

They sort of look like gobstoppers from Willy Wonka!



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2 responses to “Lampwork Bead Stitch Markers

  1. Those are awesome! Did you take a class somewhere? I’ve been wanting to learn lampwork for awhile now, but I wasn’t sure where to look for classes.

  2. Those are really darling. You ought to consider having them for sale at the vendor booth at KITH. Surely someone would let you place them out for sale at their table?

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