Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Yesterday was the first day of spring and we got 9 inches of snow!! Absolutely crazy! Today the snow is beginning to melt, but it’s still slushy and cold out side so I’ve spent the day inside spinning some of the 12 ounces of “Sea Dreams” Blueface Leicester (dyed by Hello Yarn) from my stash . . .

. . . and taking pictures of the dogs. My kind of day.



Filed under Cardigan Welsh Corgi, dogs, spinning

2 responses to “Lazy Sunday Afternoon

  1. Hey Bro you’re looking good! What’s with the white feet though……….guess you haven’t been out mudding. Mom broke her wrist really bad and had to have surgery so I’ve been busy helping take care of her.

  2. That looks so fun. I remember that snow – uggh. Hopefully we’re in spring now, right? Can’t wait to spin with you again. Your roving from Hello Yarns is yummy looking, as are the singles you spun from it. What will you make with it, or do you know yet?

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