Treasures from “The Potholder Swap 2010!”

I feel like I’ve been stalking my mailman because I’m been SO excited to get my potholders from the Swap and last night they showed up on my doorstep!!

I could hardly wait to get inside the house to open up my precious and long awaited package and actually let out a little squeal as they fell out.  Here are the lovely crochet artists that made these beautiful potholders:  The Pansy:  Susann;  Red, White & Blue:  Affiknitty;  Blue & Brown Flower:  MaisyDay;  Hexagons:  HelloYarn;  Pink & Grey:  Buhnuh.  I feel liked I won the grand prize in this Swap!

So, Adrian, Maryse, Maritza, Stacie & Cheryl gathered last Saturday and they sorted through the 88 packages of potholders that literally came from all over the US and even some from Europe.  Let’s do some math — 88 packages + 5 sets from the organizers = 93 participants x 5 potholders per participant = 465 potholders!!  Wowzer!  There are pictures in the Potholder Swap 2010 Flickr group that show all the potholders in stacks covering the floors and tables in Adrian’s home, in fact go to the Potholder Swap 2010 Flickr group and follow the progress of the potholders being crocheted, the sorting process and then see the collections that each person received in return.  If you’re on Ravelry, go to the Potholder Swap 2010! thread and follow everyones thoughts and progress.


p.s.  Maryse has a great play by play of sorting the potholders on her blog bag’n’trash!


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  1. Okay these are simply amazing! Is this a potholder group or what? I love those potholders. This is motivation for me to get better at crochet. Much better.

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