It’s May!

Green grass, flowers, bees, sunshine galore! Finally, we’ve made it out of all the cold and snow! I’ve been spending more time outdoors and less time inside, so my knitting and crocheting are waiting patiently for me to return to them.

In the meantime, a sweet dove has decided to make her nest in one of the planters just outside my backdoor and I’ve been watching she and her newborn babies with great fascination, though I won’t be able to plant flowers in that planter for a bit.  The babies aren’t too cute yet as their feathers are just now beginning to come in.  Just last week there were two eggs and now the chicks are so big they barely fit under their mom.

I’ve also been playing around with embroidery again. I taught myself how to embroider when I was in the 7th grade and I revisit it now and again. I drew this bird and though it might be fun to reinterrupt it in floss on linen.  Hmmm, I think there’s a theme here . .

Last but not least, here’s gratuitous picture of Louis sitting not in my hostas, but on my hosta!



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3 responses to “It’s May!

  1. Oh Lewis! That makes me laugh! 🙂
    LOVING the embroidery….may have to take that up again…

  2. I love the Corgi photo, the bird photos and most of all the embroidery. I too taught myself to embroidery in 7th grade (to decorate my jeans) and I pick it up again to embellish a project every now and again. Good idea. It is really relaxing and fun.

  3. Julia

    I love the embroidery… Very cute…Just prior to seeing that I saw a small burlap pillow on some website store with 3 tiny embroidered carrots on it (nothing else) selling for more than a few pennies…

    Hey thanks for telling me about ravelry … the potholders are amazing… color makes such a difference.

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