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Shave and a haircut . . .

As the summer has gotten hotter and hotter, poor Louis has been panting and drooling with his double coat of fur.  Bathing him and using the Furminator has helped, but the poor fellow has just got such a dense coat.  Great in the winter, not so good in the summer.   So, Mr. Louis got a summer buzz cut and he is one happy and cute dude.  He head looks too big for his body now, but that just makes him look very puppy like  and he’s been tearing through the house with a look of glee on his face.

Ignoring the fact that Louis is sitting in the middle of my hostas, he’s just the apple of my eye.



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The Best of Sparky Kibble Dancing

Oh, my, this is so funny . . .


Oh, to have the joy of kibble (or really anything) that this little Pembroke Corgi has.  I could just watch this over and over.

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