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Spring Yarn School 2010

Yarn School was April 22-25 and as always, it was fabulous. Nikol consistantly provides an amazing forum for learning, inspiration, laughter and rejuvination. The food Nikol makes for us is delicious (I still think she should make a Yarn School cookbook) and there’s alway plenty of coffee available.

This spring, probably around half of the participants were repeats and the friendships that had been made in past sessions were immediately rekindled. Many of those repeaters brought friends with them as well, so the quiet politeness that usually happens on Thursday night was replaced with raucous laughter.Adrian and Jennifer are knowledgeable and patient teachers — their spinning talents stun and inspire me. I have to say that I’ve always been equally inspired by my fellow attendees. Yarn School welcomes both the absolute newbie and the most advanced spinner.

Adrian’s dyeing skills are almost beyond description. She knows what the possiblities Jacquard dyes can provide PLUS she has a wonderful color sense — bundle that all up in one funny and talented person and you come up with stunning fiber and yarn.

This was my sixth time attending Yarn School — I’ve got four times as an attendee and twice and a Yarn Zombie/helper — and I still come away with the same rejuvination and excitement as I did after the first Yarn School I attended. Nikol, thank you for making all this happen.

For more pictures go HERE.



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A Wee Little Sweater

wee sweater

I’ve been on a mission as of late to knit more with my own handspun yarn.  This little sweater was knit for my new little neice Kaitlyn Rose using two yarns I’ve spun, a green merino super wash that I dyed and a multi-color merino dyed by Maisy Daisy Handspun.  The pattern is Pie, a free and super easy pattern published by  I modified the pattern from a kimono to and one button cardigan and added a crocheted edging of the Maisy Daisy around the body of the sweater and the green around the edges of the cuffs.  Because it was knit in garter stitch and the pieces are simple with very little shaping, it knit up amazingly fast!


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Zeilinger Wool Co.

I sent just over 16 pounds of raw fleece off to Zeilinger’s at the end of January to take advantage of their 27% off any prepaid order for the month of January


(raw fleece and a very dirty kitchen floor)


and found that UPS had delivered a box with the finished rovings on my doorstep this week.


How did all that fit in that skinny box?


I didn’t expect to get it back for several weeks — what a fast turn around!


I’ve never used Zeilinger’s before, but have heard from all my fiber friends about the good service and quality of rovings made there. I bought two fleeces off of Ebay last year (which is always a bit of a gamble) and I had a beautiful fleece I bought from Tina last spring — they just been sitting in my studio waiting to be processed. I’m very pleased and can’t wait to dye them.

Last, but not least, a gratuitous picture of Louis . . .



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January Spinsters’ Club

I hosted the Spinsters’ this month, and I’m still amazed that 17 people (and their wheels) fit into our house. Luckily, there were a couple of knitters and one person was using a drop spindle, but I actually had enough chairs for everyone.




I pulled every chair we had into the living room and we all squished ourselves in. To say that it was a tight fit in our 1941 house is an understatement, but from all the laughter and conversations I heard, I don’t think anyone minded much. What a great way to spend a chilly January day — interesting people, fluffs of fiber floating everywhere, and lots of food. This group definitely knows how to cook and we had a seriously wonderful spread. Kristin, those cheese puffs — yum!


(yep, that’s Sam down there, just willing for some crumbs to fall his way)


There also seemed to be a bit of a hat theme going.


Nikol brought extra wheels and they were snatched up quickly. I did my best to send food home with people, but I was glad to keep some of the Girl Scout cookies that Ana brought and Le Petit Ecolier, The Little Schoolboy, cookies (mmm, extra-dark chocolate) that Nancy brought. 🙂

See more pictures here!


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Lemonade Stand Award

awardWhat a nice surprise!!  Claire, from “Is This Heaven?  No, This Is Iowa!”, has passed the baton of the Lemonade Stand Award to me.  The Lemonade Stand Award represents “gratitude and/or a great attitude.”  Well, that will put a smile on your face!  Claire has a great blog about farm life in Iowa and she’s a knitter and beginning spinner to boot.  Top it off with a very good sense of humor and you’ve got some good reading!

So, here are the RULES of how the Lemonade Stand Award works:

1. Put the logo on your blog or post
2. Nominate 10 blogs that show gratitude or great attitude or both
3. Be sure to link your nominees within your post
4. Let them know they have received this award by commenting on their blog
5. Share the love and link this post to the person whom you received your award from

That said, here are my nominees:

House of Cardis — Kristine has three Cardigan Welsh Corgis, takes beautiful photographs, is an amazing dog trainer and great writer.

T H E . T H R I F T Y . K N I T T E R — Nikol is a powerhouse of energy and creativity.  She is the energy behind The Harveyville Project, Yarn School and artclub, she can crank out lovely batts like you wouldn’t believe, is a fellow Harveyville Spinster and my partner in the Color Source Books.  Plus, she has sheep AND chickens — so jealous . . .

A Whirled Yarn —  Jennifer is an amazing spinner and her yarns are just works of art.  Last year she opened she opened Settlers Farm yarn shop in Wamego, KS and this past week had the first annual Woolfest.  Again, she’s a fellow Harveyville Spinster and teacher at Yarn School, & she has sheep AND chickens too.  Hmmm, still so jealous . . .

Sarah’s Homestead Blog —  Sarah spins and dyes amazing rovings and yarns and has Maisy Daisy Handspun.  I met Sarah at Yarn School (she’s a GREAT teacher) and she has helped me fine tune my spinning and dyeing.  Yep, you guessed it, she has chickens too.   *sigh*

Hello Yarn — Adrian, spinner extraordinaire and she has a color sense like no other — her hand dyed rovings are lush and good luck if you can get into her fiber club!  Another teacher at Yarn School that is generous with her knowledge and laughter.  No chickens but a darn cute pup named Pippa.

Snowangels — Ana is a talented designer, knitter and photographer (do you really think I could have taken those pictures of my feet wearing my socks?!) & she does some fine lettering as well.  It’s great fun hearing about her kitties and Blythe dolls (she knits the best sweaters for those little dollies).

Ruffly Speaking — I’m love reading about Joanna’s Cardigans and her great knowledge of the breed.

Posie gets Cozy — Such an inspiring website!  Alicia is a fabulous crafter, great photographer AND she has a darling Cardigan named Clover.

Miss Alice Faye — Beautiful lace knitting and spinning — just inspiring.

Okay, this one is sort of a honoree because the blog has closed but it still up.  Cupcake Blog — The YUM factor here is over the top!


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November Spinsters

This month Spinsters was at Settlers Farm Yarn Shop in Wamego, Ks, owned by fellow Spinster, Jennifer S.


Jennifer has a wonderful shop filled with fiber, yarn, spinning wheels and anything else you might need to fill your fiber needs.  The store is warm and inviting, filled with fiber, yarn, antiques that display her wares, and comfortable chairs to settle into while knitting.


Downtown Wamego was so charming with a wide main street and turn of the century stone store fronts. We all brought 4 oz of fiber for a White Elephant gift exchange and were all thrilled by our fiber surprises.


We had a long discussion on the rules of the game and the etiquette of how to “steal”, only to have each of us love what we got. Well, many of us seemed to love what Jennifer S got because she had three of her gifts stolen!  Jennifer S was so sweet, she also gave each of us a sock blank from KnitPicks.


Here’s my score – one of Nikol’s Cuckoo Batts – and yes, I stole it from Jennifer S!  I also ended up buying yarn for socks and some Jacquard dyes.  When you sit in a yarn shop for four hours, surrounded by beautiful fiber, how can you not walk out with a bit of yarn to add to the stash?!  E-gad, I have no resistance, but I do have a beautiful collection of yarn and fiber!  : )


More pictures can be found here on Flickr.

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Look What I Got in the Mail!!

I love to go to the Post Office and find a package waiting for me . . .


(Sam & Louis are the official mail inspectors)


especially when I open it up and find this . . .


This is Romney top dyed by Sarah of Maisy Daisy Handspun.


Sarah has lovely colorways and when I saw this one (named Fairy Glen), I grabbed it up! I bought 12 oz. in all, then Sarah threw in a fibery little extra. This will be fun to spin — I’m such a fiber addict!


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