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January 2010 Spinsters Club

Last Sunday I loaded up my car with my spinning wheel and fiber and headed out to Harveyville for our January Spinsters gathering. Nikol was the host with the most providing a wonderful setting for spinning, laughing and coffee. I missed the last get together and we didn’t meet in December and I was beginning to have Spinsters withdrawl! I missed seeing everyone so much — I love catching up with everyone and hearing all about their lives.

Since Nikol has umpteen carders, she invited us all to bring 2-4 ounces of fiber so we could make crazy batts!! Yipee!! We did that two years ago during one our meetings at Harveyville and had great fun with it. I almost forgot to bring any fiber and Grasshopper luckily reminded me just as I was stepping out the door. I would have been so sad if I had shown up empty handed!

We put out the empty baskets and divided up our fiber so that everyone got a taste of each others fiber. That orange fiber was such an amazing color and there was also a green that made me smile — it ended up being a nice range of colors.

Grasshopper turning away at the carder. Nikol had four carding stations set up so no one had to wait very long for their turn.

Voila! Here’s my finished batt.



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October Spinsters

Spinsters was in Lawrence, KS this past Sunday — Lawrence, home of the University of Kansas, basketball, fabulous shopping on Mass Street, Civil War history, and our host for Spinsters, Julie W.
julie's house

Julie lives in a historic district in Lawrence in a house that was designed and built as a part of Studio 804, a final semester project for the Architecture and Urban Design students a KU. This particular house was the 1999 project and is a wonderful space.


Because the location was a historical district, there were restrictions of the building size, but the space is efficient and open with big windows and high ceilings.

looking down

In the upstairs hall, Julie had a wonderful collection of leaves that she has pressed and framed dating back to 1999.


The house cat, Bug, supervised all knitting, crocheting and spinning and tried to be our taste-tester as well!

bug watching

It was a wonderful space to have Spinsters — thank you Julie! As always, the company of the group was so enjoyable — there was laughter, much food and spinning. I’m always amazed at how the group has grown from our little gathering of five, to as many as seventeen in attendance and 42 on our e-mail list, and it seems that we have someone new that joins us everytime. I’m always in such a happy mood on the last Sunday of the month . . .

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May Spinsters Club

Marilyn hosted our May get together at her house in Topeka on Sunday. What can say that I haven’t said before — it’s a wonderful and inspiring group of women with a variety of interests that are brought together by their love of fibers and spinning. No matter how stressed I’ve been, I can sit and spin with this group for three hours and leave relaxed and happy (and full, as we’re all foodies). If someone doesn’t know a technique, there will always be someone else in the group that has an answer and the knowledge, there’s always encouragement and excitement as skills improve and always envy and admiration as plied yarn comes off a wheel.

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves . . .

IMG_1147Our lovely hostest with the mostest, Marilyn, on Ravelry aka Marilynpickle.


IMG_1142Drop spindle, knitting and spinning — can life get much better?!



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Ewephoria Farm in April

Our Spinsters group met at Ewephoria Farm in Lawrence, KS for our April meeting.  



Tina and George’s farm is absolutely lovely — lush and green with llama’s, sheep, new little lambs and chickens.



They have lots of small sculptures scattered through the yard, but I think this is my favorite.  This partial bronze form weeding the garden is just wonderful — the posture is perfect.






Thank you Tina and George for being so gracious and inviting us all over!


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A Harveyville Weekend — Part I

I went out to Harveyville this weekend so Nikol and I could start Phase II of our Acid Dye Source Book project. We were really productive, planning and laying out the project and doing some initial dyeing.


We also worked on another fun project — a banner and t-shirt for the Harveyville Spinsters Club.


The Spinsters have decided to have a booth at the Topeka Farmers Market this summer to sell our wares, so I’ve designed a logo for us that I made into a banner to go on our booth and to put on t-shirts for us.  Nikol is the queen of resources and she had a blank banner from Dick Blick’s and an overhead projector that came with the school, so we were able to project the original image onto the banner and I could then trace it and paint it.


I love that Freddie kept me company the entire weekend.  Boots is just as sweet, but Freddie has my heart.  As we sat in the office and worked, Freddie would jump up in my lap and make himself comfortable, all the while purring like a maniac.  How can you not fall in love with a cat that gives you such a look of complete contentment and happiness?!


I also love this light fixture in the lobby of the school.  Sometimes I forget to look up and see it, so when I finally look up, I’m pleasantly surprise all over again.  

The chickens, where to start?




They always make me smile . . . their jerky, quirky walk, their funny and calming clucking and their wonderful shapes and all so pleasing to me.



Their eggs are beautiful, from a lovely light, blue-green, to terra cotta, and then all speckled.  Nikol sent a dozen home with me — I’m so LUCKY!

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February Spinsters’ Club

Nikol hosted Spinsters’ this month out in Harveyville and we it seems that we gain a couple of new spinners every meeting. We gathered upstairs in the entry way hall which made for a cozy room with lots of  light, plus, it made it easy for the conversations for flow back and forth.



There are as many different types of wheels as there are people.


Jen M’s singles and then her finished three ply yarn.

Nikol’s amazing yarn that she spun at Plucky Fluff.


I just loved these pink cowboy boots (and the great Schacht wheel)!


Obviously, no one went hungry


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January Spinsters’ Club

I hosted the Spinsters’ this month, and I’m still amazed that 17 people (and their wheels) fit into our house. Luckily, there were a couple of knitters and one person was using a drop spindle, but I actually had enough chairs for everyone.




I pulled every chair we had into the living room and we all squished ourselves in. To say that it was a tight fit in our 1941 house is an understatement, but from all the laughter and conversations I heard, I don’t think anyone minded much. What a great way to spend a chilly January day — interesting people, fluffs of fiber floating everywhere, and lots of food. This group definitely knows how to cook and we had a seriously wonderful spread. Kristin, those cheese puffs — yum!


(yep, that’s Sam down there, just willing for some crumbs to fall his way)


There also seemed to be a bit of a hat theme going.


Nikol brought extra wheels and they were snatched up quickly. I did my best to send food home with people, but I was glad to keep some of the Girl Scout cookies that Ana brought and Le Petit Ecolier, The Little Schoolboy, cookies (mmm, extra-dark chocolate) that Nancy brought. 🙂

See more pictures here!


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