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A Wonderfully Woolie Wedding Dress

wool wedding dress

Wow!  Is that a fabulous dress or what?!?!  This is Louise Fairburn, an award-winning sheep breeder in the UK, who made her dress with locks from her Lincoln Longwool sheep, Olivia.

wool dress

For the entire article, in the “Daily Mail”, look here.  




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Ewephoria Farm in April

Our Spinsters group met at Ewephoria Farm in Lawrence, KS for our April meeting.  



Tina and George’s farm is absolutely lovely — lush and green with llama’s, sheep, new little lambs and chickens.



They have lots of small sculptures scattered through the yard, but I think this is my favorite.  This partial bronze form weeding the garden is just wonderful — the posture is perfect.






Thank you Tina and George for being so gracious and inviting us all over!


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Another Weekend of Dyeing

We (being Nikol and I) finished all the dyeing for Phase II of our Source Book project.  




finishedOver a two weekend period we dyed 395 colors!  That makes me tired just typing it!  There’s more info to come on this project . . .

In between dyeing, heating and cooling, we would take breaks and visit Ronnette Wigglesworth (aka Ronnie Wiggles) and Hokey Pokey, the new little lambs.  twins


Last week, Ronnie was just tiny and this week she had grown so much.  



Hokey Pokey would let Nikol hold him on his back as she rubbed his chest.


Fudgy still hasn’t had her lambs yet, but she just looked like she could pop!  


The shetlands crack me up — I swear that they’re a cross between a dog and a goat (and not sheep at all)!  

uncle-honeybunch2Uncle Honeybunch wanted me to scratch his head and neck constantly — he would stretch out his neck and close his eyes to wee slits in pleasure.  All the sheep were sheared this past week and it was very funny to see them all “nekked”.  Nikol is ordering jackets for all of them, so their fleeces should be wonderful next year.

On the drive home, much of the prairies were being burned off.  


This made to news in Kansas City, because much of the smoke had drifted east and was affecting the air quality in many areas.  


fireThe farmers have burned their fields for years to rid them of weeds and to put nitrogen back in the soil.  It really is quite a sight.  What always amazes me, is that within a couple of days of the burn, new grass begins peeking through the black and then very quickly and fresh green pasture reappears.

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A Harveyville Weekend — Part II


Last week there was a grass fire just behind the High School.  The fields in the prairie are burned off every spring, but they think this one was set by some careless children.


You can see that a large area was affected and it almost got too close for comfort to the sheep’s pen.

Nikol has four charming little sheep and they’ve constructed a good enclosure for them.   They just come a-trotting when you go to visit, well mainly because they think you might have a cookie for them.  


Agnes is so sweet and woolly.



Uncle Honeybunch has the most charming little Shetland face.



Fudgy the Whale is very shy and didn’t want a thing to do with me.


Now, Mister Shivers decided that he MUST head-butt me at every opportunity.  Nikol thought he might be a bit cranky because of the wart above his eye (which as it turns out, is fairly rare and the vets at the KSU vet school want it if it’s taken off).  Nikol held him so I could get a good picture of him and not get knocked over in the process!

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Flickr Critters

Okay, so I’m on a mosaic making jag.


1. Caught in the action…, 2. Boss saurus, 3. IMG_6038_f800_raw, 4. I know….I know….don’t even go there., 5. Little bunny, 6. 3 cats, 7. Untitled, 8. Ruban, 9. Doggy, 10. Goliath, 11. Warming my schnozzle under the covers, 12. Hertta in her new sweater, 13. giraffe by Lisa Solomon, 14. ludi, 15. Big Bad Wolf, 16. dia treinta, 17. Presenting: Agnes., 18. Bruce! Stop playing with the toilet paper!, 19. Broccoli, 20. A Year in Pictures: 02/19/09, 21. Trouble, 22. Teddy Claus, 23. Kitten in a Sack, 24. Trixie, 25. Helmi with her brand new outfit

I’ve used Flickr forever, as it’s necessary to download pictures for Ravelry.  But recently, I’ve had this major epiphany of what a great research resource Flickr is.  Illustrators, fiber people, crafters, painters and more, download their images and you can connect with them as contacts and follow their work.  It’s just been so inspiring!

Well, in the midst of all that, I’ve found a multitude of cute little critters and so today I’m indulging both my new found love of making mosaics and anything furry.


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