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Spring Yarn School 2010

Yarn School was April 22-25 and as always, it was fabulous. Nikol consistantly provides an amazing forum for learning, inspiration, laughter and rejuvination. The food Nikol makes for us is delicious (I still think she should make a Yarn School cookbook) and there’s alway plenty of coffee available.

This spring, probably around half of the participants were repeats and the friendships that had been made in past sessions were immediately rekindled. Many of those repeaters brought friends with them as well, so the quiet politeness that usually happens on Thursday night was replaced with raucous laughter.Adrian and Jennifer are knowledgeable and patient teachers — their spinning talents stun and inspire me. I have to say that I’ve always been equally inspired by my fellow attendees. Yarn School welcomes both the absolute newbie and the most advanced spinner.

Adrian’s dyeing skills are almost beyond description. She knows what the possiblities Jacquard dyes can provide PLUS she has a wonderful color sense — bundle that all up in one funny and talented person and you come up with stunning fiber and yarn.

This was my sixth time attending Yarn School — I’ve got four times as an attendee and twice and a Yarn Zombie/helper — and I still come away with the same rejuvination and excitement as I did after the first Yarn School I attended. Nikol, thank you for making all this happen.

For more pictures go HERE.



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A Wee Little Sweater

wee sweater

I’ve been on a mission as of late to knit more with my own handspun yarn.  This little sweater was knit for my new little neice Kaitlyn Rose using two yarns I’ve spun, a green merino super wash that I dyed and a multi-color merino dyed by Maisy Daisy Handspun.  The pattern is Pie, a free and super easy pattern published by  I modified the pattern from a kimono to and one button cardigan and added a crocheted edging of the Maisy Daisy around the body of the sweater and the green around the edges of the cuffs.  Because it was knit in garter stitch and the pieces are simple with very little shaping, it knit up amazingly fast!


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Zeilinger Wool Co.

I sent just over 16 pounds of raw fleece off to Zeilinger’s at the end of January to take advantage of their 27% off any prepaid order for the month of January


(raw fleece and a very dirty kitchen floor)


and found that UPS had delivered a box with the finished rovings on my doorstep this week.


How did all that fit in that skinny box?


I didn’t expect to get it back for several weeks — what a fast turn around!


I’ve never used Zeilinger’s before, but have heard from all my fiber friends about the good service and quality of rovings made there. I bought two fleeces off of Ebay last year (which is always a bit of a gamble) and I had a beautiful fleece I bought from Tina last spring — they just been sitting in my studio waiting to be processed. I’m very pleased and can’t wait to dye them.

Last, but not least, a gratuitous picture of Louis . . .



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Almost Like Yarn School

The weekend of the June Spinsters’ gathering, Nikol invited Marilyn, Jen and myself out to Harveyville a day early to spend some time in the dye lab as a thank-you for being helpers at the Spring Yarn School. Nikol snapped these first two pictures of us and she graciously let me snag them from her.

Of course, Nikol’s cooking alone would have been worth the trip! Below are some of the commercial spun yarns I dyed and some of the fiber as well. It was so nice just having the three of us, each with plenty of crock pots and microwaves to use. Nikol was humming away making batts for her Etsy shop and the cats periodically wander in to see what we were up to. As always, there was plenty of chocolate and coffee to go around.

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Keep in mind, this isn’t everything I dyed — my cup (and house) runneth over with fiber!

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For Sunday’s Spinsters’, Marta and Ed were gracious and had up over to Wildcat Alpaca’s where we sat and spun in their gazebo and ate the homemade strawberry and banana ice cream Marta made for us. Hanging out with this group has spoiled me!!!!!! Interesting people, fiber, lots of critters and good food ALWAYS abound with this crew!

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My kind of garage sale

Tina, from Ewephoria Farm, had a garage sale Saturday and oh couse, I drove away with a trunk load of fiber! The day was perfect — lots of sunshine and warmth — which made all of Tina’s things just look that much more attractive!

Yep, that’s my 8.25 lbs of romney fleece that I reserved from the spring shearing, plus I got a great niddy-noddy, a bag of commercial white mohair for dyeing, and a couple of skeins of periwinkle Brown Sheep for $1 a piece. I scored big time!

There were little baby lambs everywhere (I wish I could have fit one in my purse and then convinced the KCMO zoning board that it was a goldendoodle).

The mom’s (most of whom had been recently sheared) were very protective and a few stamped their feet at us and gave us the Cesar Milan stare-down. : )

I then stopped by Yarn Barn on the way home for more eye candy. Between the beautiful weather and KU’s great run in the march to the Final Four, Mass Street was a sea of blue t-shirted students. And of course, after wandering through Yarn Barn I had to cruise across the street to Sarah’s fabric store. Oh, my, I had a great Saturday!


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Stash Bustin’

E-gad!!! I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I’VE GOT TOO MUCH YARN!! Don’t get me wrong, I see nothing wrong with have several rubber maid tubs, multiple bags, shelves and even rooms devoted to yarn, but I’ve finally come to the realization that I’m just not going to get all these yards of yarn made into something woven, knit or crocheted. Plus, if I sell this stuff, I get to accumulate MORE! So, off to e-bay for these poor little orphans and may you each find a happy new stash to join.

Mind you, this is just a wee, tiny, hardly noticeable portion of my stash . . .

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