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Okay, Another Video


Thank you Luciana for such a sweet video (that I’ve watched over and over again).

p.s.  I’ve been a very, very bad blogger.  I promise I’ll be better this fall . . .


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Some Excitement!

Nikol was contacted by Kim Cameron from KnitPicks last week about the possibility of KnitPicks picking up our “Acid Dye Quik Reference” for their catalog!! I did a bit of a happy dance (okay, I’m still doing the happy dance). It’s all still in talks, but this is exciting! So, we’ll see what happens with this next . . .

p.s. Nikol added bio information about us on the site! Yeah, Nikol!


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Finishing a project, what a novel idea

My friend Ana has thrown down the gauntlet for UFO’s and has started the UFO Smackdown:  The BIG FINISH Challenge for the month of June.  I have a closet full of UnFinished Objects, so I maybe finishing things till June of ’09 but I’m gonna try putting a bit of order in my life with her challenge (I just hope my projects don’t smack me back!).

Ana designed this very cool icon (free to those up to the challenge).


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Flip, Skip, Tip & Scooter

I was finally able to get one of the retail Christmas booklets for the 2007 Christmas season that had the set of ornaments I designed.

There were five in all — little penguins named Flip, Skip, Tip, Scooter and then the four stacked on top of each other — plus a count down to Christmas Day calendar. I was surprised and pleased that Flip made the cover of the booklet. Since I usually only work in 2-D, is was a fun challenge to have to think and draw “in the round”. I had to mentally visualize and then draw the front, left side, right side, back and top version of what I thought each ornament would look like — a bit of a mind stretching exercise.

To then see the interpretation from 2-D to 3-D, and how well every nuance made it into the final pieces was very gratifying.  Plus, what a great group of people are in the sculpting studio — full of knowledge and encouragement.


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